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            Business Philosophy

            USI Group has been known for being trustworthy in its business operations. We believe in the Chinese proverb, “Round outside and square inside”, which means “harmonious with people and proper in business dealings”. We have also developed our own philosophy of “Solid Operation”, “Professional Management”, “Seeking Excellence”, and “Serving Society”, and created a corporate culture of rationality, practicality, continual improvement, sincerity, hospitality, and respect.

            Solid Operation

            We persistently seek rationalization, truth, and sustainable development.

            Professional management

            We take organized, modern, and scientific approaches in management and focus on product upgrade and differentiation.

            Seeking excellence

            We endeavor to surpass ourselves and are prepared to confront obstacles by constantly striving to excel in quality, performance, core competency, and customer confidence.

            Serving society

            We believe in the importance of giving back to society by being a recognized, trustworthy, and contributing citizen.

            Our current operating strategy is converting the petrochemical base materials into higher value products, expanding the applications range of our products, and finding niche markets to create maximum profits for our shareholders, customers, and employees.

            Market competitiveness is the key to success for a business, while quality is the driving force of it. Amidst a growing-competitive environment, we will continue to uphold our principles of innovation, advancement, and efficiency. With the use of Total Quality Management (TQM), we are implementing the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) within our group Corporations to improve performance and obtain competitive edge. Our ultimate goal is to offer superior products and services to meet total customer satisfaction.