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            Employee & Society Care

            We agree that employees should enjoy the human rights and labor rights and benefits as claimed by the International Labour Organization (ILO). Thus, we treat employees with respect and without discrimination. We have also established regulations to prevent harsh and inhumane treatment, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, physical coercion, or verbal abuse of employees. We also grant employees the right to freedom of association according to the law.

            USI - Employee care

            Community care

            In addition to caring for the education of the disadvantaged, education in remote areas, and environmental education, upholding the spirit of "Giving Back," we spare no effort in expressing our care for the communities, local groups, and schools in the vicinity of the Kaohsiung Plant to maintain and develop positive relationships with these neighbors.

            USI - Society Care
            USI - Society Care - Community Investment

            (expressed in NTD)

            Year 2017 2018 2019
            Religion and culture 51,000 35,000 63,000
            Communities and social groups 128,000 111,150 50,000
            Volunteer police and volunteer firefighters 25,000 155,000 70,000
            Schools and education 192,370 86,700 243,030
            Community development associations 189,000 204,000 203,000
            Total 585,370 591,850 629,030

            USI Education Foundation

            USI Education Foundation was established on December 30, 2011 with donations from USI and Asia Polymer Corporation. The foundation officially started operations in 2012 to promote educational charitable affairs, with focus on the education for the vulnerable and the rural and the care for environmental protection. The foundation advances its goals by establishing scholarships and grants, donating to charities, and sponsoring educational and charitable activities to enhance the energy and efficiency of service.

            To further expand the scale of charity, China General Plastics Corporation and Taiwan VCM Corportion joined the foundation in 2017. In 2018, Taita Chemical Company, Limited also joined the foundation to enable investments of more resources in rural education and environmental sustainability in order to contribute to society.

            USI - Society Care - Community Investment

            Scholarships and grants

            We offer scholarships to students from low-income families with outstanding performance and specializing in disciplines relating to chemical engineering, materials science, and applied chemistry of 13 public and private universities to promote education and talent cultivation in related fields, encourage university students of related disciplines to study hard and cultivate outstanding industrial talents for society.

            In 2019, we offered scholarships and grants totaling NT$1.25 million to 25 students from 18 departments of 13 public and private universities, including 3 from doctoral programs, 16 from master’s programs, and 6 undergraduates; 13 of them were from low-income families. Since the establishment of our scholarships and grants, we have offered a sum of NT$9.6 million. We will continue to offer scholarships and grants in 2020 to encourage more outstanding students from low-income families.

            USI - Society Care - Community Investment

            Sponsoring Service Activities of Colleges and Universities

            USI - Society Care - Community Investment

            The Alliance Cultural Foundation and Junyi Experimental High School

            Junyi—Realization of Education for the Rural

            The Life Exploration course of the high school section includes cycling, mountain skills, and water skills, splitting as of grade 11. The photo shows the canoeing course in water skills.

            The "International Connection" course is co-organized with the Vucujl Culture Association of the Payuan. The picture shows an exploration of the traditional Vucujl ceremony for students to discern the implications of indigenous culture.

            Students of the high school section presented the learning achievements in "International Hospitality—Bakery Course" of the "Creativity Module" to guests at the art festival in May 2019.

            Students of the high school section presented the learning achievements in "Contemporary Arts—Drama Course" of the "Creativity Module" to guests at the winter festival in December 2019.

            Junyi Center for Teacher Education and Teacher Community Support

            "Taitung Collaborative Lesson Preparation Workshop" held at the Junyi Center for Teacher Education in 2019 summer break.

            Ms. Wei-Ying Lan promotes the "In-House Accompaniment Program" for the 2019 curriculum.

            Sponsoring CGPC organize Long Fong Fishing Port Beach Cleanup

            WGES Music Education Program

            Sponsoring Other Educational and Philanthropic Activities

            In 2019, we also sponsored other educational and philanthropic activities. Major recipients included the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation and the Teach for Taiwan, each with a sum of NT$300,000. To provide steady support for these units highly recognized by society and to continuously help more students, the USI Education Foundation will continue to support them in 2020.