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            Company Profile

            Company Name USI CORPORATION
            Industry Plastics
            Symbol USI
            Code 1304
            Date of Listing 1972/05/20
            Chairman Quintin Wu
            President Edward Wang
            Spokesperson Mark Wu
            Title of Spokesperson Sales and Marketing Director
            Fiscal Year-end DEC 31
            Accounting Firm Deloitte & Touche
            CPA(Chartered Public Accountant)1 Pi-Yu Chuang
            CPA(Chartered Public Accountant)2 Cheng-Hung Kuo
            Address 12TH FLOOR, NO. 37 JI-HU ROAD, NEI-HU DISTRICT TAIPEI 114, TAIWAN, R.O.C.
            Telephone 886-2-8751-6888
            Fax 886-2-2659-4938
            Email Address mtwu@csl.usife.com.tw