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            LLDPE - Linear Low Density Polyethylene Resins

            LINATHENE? LLDPE resins are ethylene-butene copolymers produced by low pressure gas phase process with good processability and mechanical properties. They are mainly used for film extrusion applications such as heavy duty bags, stretch films, overwrap films, and agricultural films as well as rotational molding application for water tanks, industrial containers, and traffic barricades.

            Main applications:

            Blown film extrusion、Casting、Injection molding、Rotation molding.


            PE Bag Paper Bag Weight Length x Width x Height
            25 kgs
            65(±2) x 42(±1) x 13(±3) cm
            (Remark: Dimensions of packing are subjected to different types.)
            Woven Bag - Flat yarn extrusion
            Woven Bag - Flat yarn extrusion

            SDS - Safety Data Sheet

            LLDPE Products:

            # Products Main Applications Density
            1 LL110
            Blown film extrusion
            0.920 1.00
            2 LL115C
            Blown film extrusion
            0.919 1.20
            3 LL120
            Blown film extrusion
            0.922 2.00
            4 LL120C
            0.919 2.00
            5 LL405
            Injection molding
            Rotation molding
            0.936 5.30

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