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            Functional Coating - Superior Sun-Shielding Coating

            Energy saving and carbon reduction have always been within USIG's mission over the past years. We particularly apply waterborne sun-shielding coating which can prevent conduction of thermal energy into the tanks, resulting in reduced water-spray cooling frequency. The USI sun-shielding coating is capable of TSR up to 90%, blocking out a majority of solar radiation that would otherwise enter buildings. By using high solar reflective pigments and additives for heat transfer enhancement, the thickness of only 100um can stop effectively the heat entering the buildings. A technology previously used internally, we are now also open to services outside. Let's all take part in responsibilities for our environment and safety.

            Sun-Shielding Coating with Excellent Performance

            • Eco-friendly waterborne coating
            • Total solar reflection 90%
            • Less heat island effect
            • Thin coating layer : 50um x 2
            • Reduce surface temperature
            • Less air-conditioning
            • Less water spray for cooling
            • Lower VOC emission
            • Less energy consumption and carbon footprint
            Superior Sun-Shielding Coating - Roof   Superior Sun-Shielding Coating - Tank

            Total Solar Reflectance 90%

            Having a white coating is not all there is to sun-shielding. In fact, TSR is the crucial index that must be taken seriously. Below is the TSR spectrum which demonstrates the outstanding performance of USI coating comparing with other commercially available white coatings.
            Superior Sun-Shielding Coating - Total Solar Reflectance 90% - Line Graph